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Tallman Firefighters called to extricate 2 on NY State Thruway

Friday, August 21, 2015  Rockland Journal NewsRAMAPO  – Two people were killed Friday when a northbound truck apparently crossed into oncoming traffic on the New York State Thruway in Ramapo, triggering a crash that involved two other trucks and a car.

Police have closed all southbound lanes, diverting traffic off the highway at Exit 15 in Mahwah, New Jersey. One northbound lane is closed.

Extensive delays are being reported. Police do not have an estimate on when the roadway will be opened.

The crash, which occurred just before 10 a.m. Friday, involved one tractor-trailer, two box trucks, and one additional vehicle, state police said. They did not specify which of the trucks triggered the collisionOne person, a passenger in one of the trucks, was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver was cut out of the truck and taken in extremely critical condition to Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, where he was pronounced dead.

A blue tarp covered the cab of one of the trucks, which appeared to have been carrying mattresses.



Tallman Firefighters assist Suffern at House Fire

Thursday, August 13, 2015   8/12/15

Tallman Firefighters were called upon to assist Suffern Firefighters for a structure fire. The fire was in a multifamily house, and was primarily confined to a storage room The Tallman Firefighters were called as a FAST team, whose job is to rescue any other firefighters who find themselves in trouble.

Mahwah also was called to aid Suffern as well.



Tallman FD Assists Monsey at Stucture Fire

Tuesday, July 28, 2015  Rockland Journal NewsMONSEY — Violation notices have been issued against the homeowner who ran an illegal basement lingerie business inside a townhouse that was heavily damaged in a Tuesday morning fire.A sign at the rear of 112 Park Lane identifies the basement shop as "Chic Lingerie," where authorities said a fire broke out that made the townhouse uninhabitable. Dozens of firefighters kept the flames from spreading to the attached row houses at the corner of Kaufman Corner.

The certificate of occupancy for the townhouse at 112 Park Lane has been revoked.

Ramapo Fire Inspector Adam Peltz, who is a Monsey firefighter, said a business is not permitted in a residential area. Peltz said investigators found a second business in the basement of an adjoining apartment.

The owner of 110-114 Park Lane is listed as The Progress Group LLC, according to the Ramapo Tax Assessor's Office website. The business incorporated in December 2003, giving an address of 20 Jackson Ave., Spring Valley, according to the state Department of State.

Two businesses were being run in basement of the row houses - the lingerie shop and a wine dealership.

Ramapo inspectors have issued the owner violation notices for unsafe structure, as well as operating a business in residential home and change in use.



Tallman Firefighters work 4 hours to Rescue Dog

Monday, June 22, 2015  Rockland Journal News

A night that started with the terrifying disappearance of her dog turned into a four-hour ordeal that showed Linda Pelletier just what kind of neighbors she has.

The drama started Monday evening when Pelletier looked outside her home in a cul-de-sac on Cooper Court in Ramapo and noticed Pepsi, her 19-pound blonde Cairn terrier, wasn't sleeping in her usual spot.

As she began frantically searching for Pepsi, who is 16 1/2 years old, blind and deaf, her neighbors rushed over.

"She's been a big part of my life," said Pelletier, who's had Pepsi since she was a pup. "I treat her like my child."

It turned out Pepsi had wandered into Pelletier's backyard drainage pipe – so far into the pipe that they couldn't reach her.

Pepsi had never gone into the pipe before; she probably got disoriented, Pelletier said. "She never leaves my side."

When she and her neighbors called out to Pepsi, the terrier got confused and walked the wrong way – further into the plastic pipe, which measures about a foot in diameter.

As darkness fell, the crowd of neighbors and members of the Tallman Fire Department that had gathered in Pelletier's backyard dug a trench alongside the pipe and sawed into it. But by that time Pepsi had wandered even deeper.

"It was so hot, they were sweating," Pelletier recalled.

Pelletier was afraid the dog might lie down in the pipe, which had water in it, and drown. So they kept calling out to Pepsi to keep her awake.

Then one of her neighbors, John Becker, brought over some tent poles, which firefighter Hunter Potter duct-taped together. He made a hook from some wire and attached it to the end of the poles. Potter snaked the contraption into the pipe and was finally able to guide Pepsi in the right direction until she could be lured out with peanut butter.

The crowd of about 20 people erupted into applause when Potter lifted Pepsi out.

"There was such an outpouring of joy when Hunter pulled her out," Pelletier said. "Everyone was just clapping. It was really just joyful."

The night ended well for Pepsi. "She had a nice bath, had two dinners and slept very comfortably in my bed," Pelletier told me Tuesday.

Pepsi's a fixture around the neighborhood and has been a constant companion for Pelletier, her husband, Stephen, and their children. The pooch accompanied them to their son Jason's baseball and football games from Little League through high school, and was even at their daughter Nicole Kratka's wedding.

Pelletier was gushing with gratitude for her neighbors, the Tallman Fire Department and Ramapo police.

"What was amazing was the help of the neighbors, everyone coming to help rescue my dog. I'm so grateful. It's just wonderful, it warms my heart so much."

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Tallman Firefighters Extricate 2 from Vechicle on River Road

Monday, June 22, 2015   Ramapo Police Dept

RPD is finishing an investigation of a one car, roll-over accident on Montebello Road near the intersection of River Road, in the The Village of Montebello. The vehicle was occupied by 2 occupants who suffered minor, non life threatening injuries.  
Ramapo Valley Ambulance Corp, Tallman Volunteer Fire Department and
Rockland Paramedics, responded and assisted on the scene



Tallman Firefighters Recertified on Flashover Training

Monday, April 20, 2015   Members of the Tallman Fire Department completed their recertifications for flash over training. Flashovers are a dangerous risk to all firefighters, and recognizing the signs of a potential flashover, as well as how to survive one, are skills that we practice every year. In addition to classroom training on flashovers and backdrafts, firefighters go thru live fire actual flashover training and survival technics. 

Training was completed at the Rockland County training center



TFD Elects New Officers for 2015

Saturday, April 18, 2015   The Tallman Fire Department elected it's new officers for 2015, and the induction ceremony was today. Congratulations and best of luck to all the new officers

Chief  Chris Stevens

First Asst Chief  Andy Martine

Second Asst Chief  Chris Szklany

Captain Dennis Murphy

Lieutenant  Pat McKiernan

20-6 James Santoro, 20-7 Brendan Cronk, 20-8 Sean Szklany, 20-9 Jason Hellman

Civil Officers:

President  Steve Steinhardt

Vice President  TJ Stevens

Treasurer  Steve DeBoer

Financial Secretary Orlando Rivera

Corresponding Secretary Sean Szklany

Trustee Wayne Dolphin, Trustee George Doremus, Trustee Steve DeNegris



Tallman FD Hosts Police Canine Training

Thursday, April 16, 2015   The Tallman Fire Department hosted a multi county police department canine training program at the Tallman Fire House. Police Departments from multiple jurisdictions participated in the training program. Some of the departments were Ramapo, NYPD, MTA, Yonkers, NYS Troopers and many others were on site for 2 days of training.

Trainers and their dogs participated in drug and explosive training, utilizing many areas of the firehouse. Interdictions included training on cars, luggage , containers, offices and several other areas. 

The Tallman Fire Department was pleased to be able to lend its facilities to help our fellow first responders with their training needs.



Tallman Responds to Spring Valley Apartment Fire

Saturday, April 11, 2015  Rockland Journal NewsUp to four apartment units were 'destroyed,' while a few others suffered smoke and fire damage.
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(Photo: Matt Spillane/The Journal News)


A fire that ripped through a two-story apartment complex in Spring Valley Saturday afternoon is being considered "suspicious," officials said.

The flames began around 3:30 p.m. in the bedroom of a first-floor apartment at 59 Robert Pitt Drive, said Spring Valley Fire Chief Bob Johnson. The fire then spread to the neighboring units in the complex, he said.

Around 100 firefighters responded to the complex to combat the flames, including those from Spring Valley, Monsey, Hillcrest, Tallman and South Spring Valley, Johnson said.

Buy PhotoA fire that ripped through a two-story apartment complex in Monsey Saturday afternoon is being considered ‘suspicious,’ officials say. (Photo: Matt Spillane/The Journal News)

The fire was under control in about an hour, Johnson said.

Up to four apartment units were "destroyed," Johnson said, while a few others suffered smoke and fire damage.

Residents living in 48 units were evacuated, Johnson said. The Red Cross is helping displaced residents at the Spring Valley police station, he added.

There were no injuries, Johnson said.

Abigail Adams, regional communications officer for the Red Cross, said seven volunteers working at the scene have registered at least 31 people seeking aid, but "we expect that number to change."

The fire appears to be "suspicious," Johnson said, and remains under investigation. Spring Valley police said that detectives are investigating.

Gordon Wren Jr., the county's fire and emergency services coordinator, said strong winds helped the flames spread rapidly, but that firefighters did a good job containing the flames.

Buy PhotoA fire that ripped through a two-story apartment complex in Monsey Saturday afternoon is being considered ‘suspicious,’ officials say. (Photo: Matt Spillane/The Journal News)

It is unclear if there were smoke detectors in the apartment where the fire started, officials said, or if any building violations affected the fire. An illegal bedroom was found in one of the units that was damaged, they said.



2nd Fire Erupts at Suffern Apartment Complex within 4 hours of the first

Wednesday, March 11, 2015  Rockland Journal NewsSUFFERN – A second fire erupted inside one of the village's oldest apartment complexes Wednesday morning as flames shot into the sky and left an estimated 25 to 30 people without homes after a night of firefighting, authorities said.Suffern firefighters and other volunteers rushed back to the Berkeley Square Apartments at 3:04 a.m. when flames started damaging another apartment section at 156 Wayne Ave. The first fire at 6:45 p.m. damaged a basement, the first floor and more than a dozen apartments from flames and firefighting.

"My guesstimate is 25 to 30 people at this point lost their homes," Suffern Police Chief Clarke Osborn said. "More than 20 apartments [were] damaged to some degree. We don't know the causes of the two fires. We always deem a fire suspicious until it's shown it's not."

Berkeley Square Apartments in Suffern after a fire erupted in the complex. (Photo: Suffern Police Department)

Previous coverage: Fire damages Suffern apartment building

Osborn said when firefighters and police left the complex at 11 p.m. after the first fire, patrol officers reported another fire in the adjacent building about four hours later. A resident called 911 about an alarm going off to

The fire was on the second floor. Firefighters from Suffern, Tallman and Mahwah were brought back to the scene. Osborn estimated six to eight apartments were destroyed or heavily damaged.

"It was pretty serious," Osborn said. "The officers saw flames coming out."

Osborn said many of the displaced people went to families or were being assisted by the American Red Cross.

The first fire started in the basement and climbed through the walls and floor on the first level. Firefighters extinguished the fire within 20 minutes, Suffern Fire Chief Michael Starks said, but not before the flames reached the attic and damaged the basement and first floor.

"Damage to the basement was quite extensive because all the utilities sort of originate from that area," Starks said Tuesday night, adding that the fire burned through the first floor "quite a bit."

More than 60 firefighters were at the scene to battle the blaze, including those from Suffern, Tallman, Hillcrest, Monsey, and Spring Valley, Starks said.

An investigation into the fire remains ongoing and is being conducted by the Rockland County Sheriff's Bureau of Criminal Investigations and Suffern Police Department Detective Bureau, Starks said.

nearly identical fire burned through another building in the Berkeley complex nearly a year ago, starting in the basement before firefighters had it under control.

The 10-building complex built in 1962 includes 150 apartments.



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